At Long Last EP

by Substitute for Quality

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Here's an EP of songs that we recorded and never released. Do what you want with this power.


released March 26, 2014

Brayton - Guitar, Vocals
Edd - Bass, Vocals
Dan - Drums

Recorded in Mike's Garage in late 2012.



all rights reserved


Substitute for Quality Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day... I'm alone. I'm at home. Just sittin' here. Wish you were near.

-- Be my valentine... Today! --

She's out rocking with her band. She's holding someone else's hand. She doesn't know where I am. She doesn't know I love her.

Valentine's Day... I'm alone. I'm at home. Another year. I shed my tears.
Track Name: Burden of Proof
I just remembered I'm a nihilist,
and it's bringing me down.
You can't prove to me that we exist,
and it's bringing me down.

Lately everything's been politics, and I can't be bothered. I'm sick of all the he-said-she-said, and all the back-and-forth. Looking for reasons; ignoring objectivity, everyone has an agenda. I wonder if it's worth it! I wonder if anything even matters.

I've been talking about theology with a pack of believers who want to shove off the burden of proof,
and I can't get through to them. They want to talk philosophy, but don't get the rules of logic. They've never heard of existentialism, so I'm delving in conversations from the past.

Everything is relative,
and it's all about perspective.
Maybe this is all a daydream,
and it's bringing me down.
Track Name: Doctor's Orders
So, please, take note: I don't want to go to bed
'cause I'll think of you and what you did.
So, I stay up late, and I stay up long;
I watch sad movies and listen to sad songs.

And when you're sick
the doctor says to force liquids.
So, I go to the bar, and I think of you,
and I stare at my beer, and that's all that I do.

-- I drink the first two to loosen up,
the next three to forget,
one or two to remember, baby,
because that's all that we have left. --

I'm in a dream; I can't wake up.
I don't want to be stuck in this rut.
All the choices I made are more and more so upsetting
'cause it's the choices I made that are the ones I'm regretting.

So let's pretend, you and I were never friends.
The way you looked at me, well,
that's just your face...
yeah, it's the way you look at everything.

-- I drink the first two to loosen up;
the next three to forget;
one or two to remember you
because you're all that I have left. --
Track Name: Scoundrel
I'm scoundrel. I'm a rat.
I'm a dirty fucking rotten bastard; you know that!
Why do you trust me time and again,
when you know I'm gonna do you dirty in the end?

I'm a criminal. I'm a rogue.
I'll tear your heart out and leave you cryin' all alone.
I'm a villain. I'm a jerk.
I'm a fickle fink, and it's a shame that you got hurt.
Track Name: Compressed Natural Gas
Compressed natural gas shouldn't be sold by the gas gallon equivalent. You're just perpetuating a soon-to-be archaic system.

As a marketing ploy, that's ok.
As a standard of measure, that's not ok.
Price it by the pound! Hey! Hey!
Price it by the pound! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
Track Name: Payback
Now I know that you're looking for someone better than me. Now I know I should be on guard, not down here on one knee. Now I know I should watch my back, guarding from a sneak attack. Now I know that you're the one waiting for me.

-- Get away and keep your distance. Get away! I don't want resistance. Get away 'cause I'm afraid... afraid of how I might get paid back. --

I thought that we could be friends. You seem to disagree. We were on a narrow path. Too bad you had to cheat. We were going someplace great. Too bad you had to suffocate. You're the one, who shied the standards that I could keep.

Now I know that I have won, and you will die alone. Hopefully you've learned something and mentally have grown. Now I know I'm safe again. Come back some time; I'll be your friend. Maybe next time you can reap what you have sown.
Track Name: I Wanna Die Young
I wanna die young. I live on the edge. Spend my money on adventure. I never take meds. I drive real fast. I don't eat health food. I burn at both ends so I can end this soon.

-- I don't wanna grow old. I'm not willing to kill myself just to live forever. I don't wanna grow old. --

I hope I die young. I'm in a rock and roll band. Party every day. I'll sleep when I'm dead. I'll smoke if I want. I'll drink 'til I die. I'll never apologize for the way I live my life.

I don't wanna be feeble. I don't wanna be useless. I don't wanna be a burden. I don't wanna grow old.

I wanna drop off. I don't wanna fade out. I don't wanna get tired. I don't wanna grow old.